CW Profile

Get to know Couchwasabi.

Jirbie received her Advertising Management degree with honors in DLSU-Manila. After 8 years in the corporate world handling finance and brand management, she now pursues entrepreneurship–yes, being her own boss!

On the side, she dabbles being a social media manager and brand ambassador in various beauty and wellness brands as she shares her daily dealings on topics relating to beauty, lifestyle, and animal rescuing.

Couchwasabi accepts product/brand collaborations. If you’re a company or an entrepreneur, and you would like your brand to be featured, please email your proposal/s to
This blog accepts different forms of advertisements and compensations. Right now, Couchwasabi accommodates square ads and banner ads with a minimum online exposure of 30 days.

I can be your brand’s:

  • Marketing Consultant
  • Social Media Manager (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter)
  • Brand Ambassador

11 thoughts on “CW Profile

  1. Jean says:

    The BIG Outlet Sale 2009 is back! Please check our website and also let me know where i can send your our poster for the event. Thanks!

    Malibu Enterprise

  2. Lowell B. Aguirre says:

    “…..this blog is for girls”


    Naa, I will not allow that line to stop me from reading your posts, naa! Oh please rehash that! 🙂

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