Sunday Read: When To Get Out Of An Abusive Relationship

I guess the thing here is when to finally convince yourself that you’re actually in one. Abusive relationships can mask in so many ways and your abuser can claim that he/she has been doing the things that he/she does because of love. Younger couples would become so passionate about each other that they would think everything is normal and are still in the boundaries of love. But love is respect and there’s absolutely no space in love for abuse.

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A Lazy Girl’s Guide in Choosing the Right Waist Trainer

I grew up seeing my mom jump into her one-sized-smaller trousers wearing a girdle so I knew that these things can help you lose up to 3 sizes in the waistline instantly.

But what about this latest fitness fad where girls are wearing these so-called “waist trainers” to gym, which supposedly help them lose weight faster and achieve a smaller waistline?

Well, I wouldn’t want to be the last to know! So I scoured over 20 Instagram stores and got myself two versions of waist trainers to make it easier for you in choosing your own.

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