Carmex: Stick, Tube, or Jar?

I have naturally dry lips… so lip balms have been one of my beauty essentials since I was 14. It’s actually one of the first cosmetics that I’ve ever stuck with ever since.

Anyway, I was so excited when Carmex PH told me that they’d send me some of their products for review and another set for giveaway. When I got the package, I was so thrilled to open it and give each Carmex product a road test.

I love that Carmex gives me the instant lip moisture that I need. Plus, the staying power is amazing! Not to mention the minty feel every after application. Though the ones I got are mostly unscented/original, Carmex is available in a wide range of flavors/variants and form.

So, I’ve been using Carmex balms for a week now. Basically I got the same original variant in all three forms plus an additional strawberry flavored Carmex stick. And I must say, I’d still stick with the stick form–or what Carmex calls aptly, the Click Stick.

Carmex originally came out in the jar form but I just super love their click stick and the clicking sound adds fun in twisting the bottom adjustment knob. I also find the stick form to provide more control in spreading the product on my lips versus the tube. The jar is okay, but I’m lazy to have to find tissue that I can wipe my finger on every after application. The Click Stick is the hands-down most convenient way of doing it. 🙂

Oh, and by the way, this year marks Carmex’s 75th year in helping our lips remain kissable. Carmex is available at all Robinson’s Department Stores, PCX stores, first Aid in Greenbelt, Shopwise Supermarkets, Rustan’s Supermarkets, Suesh Greenhills, Pure Beauty Serendra and Zalora for only Php109.75 each.

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