A Lazy Girl’s Guide in Choosing The Best VCO

Ever since I posted about PUFAs and their negative effects on our body, I have been around to find the best brand of VCO that I can stick to for the rest of my life. I have started drinking a tablespoon of VCO daily and I’m proud to say that I now consume 2 tablespoons daily, which is just right for my body weight (you need to drink 1 tbsp for every 50-lb body weight).

Also, I have been dabbling with oil pulling wherein you swish around 1-2 tbsps of VCO in your mouth for 20 mins before spitting it out. If you follow me on Snapchat, I’m sure you’ve seen me do oil pulling already.

Anyway today, I will share with you 3 VCO brands that I have tried, where I got them and how much, and my personal recommendation on which brand I think is the best for consumption.

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Beauty Exposé: Are these beauty oils really good for you?

I believe that truth is elusive. Nobody knows the entire truth about anything. And when Seth Godin said “All Marketers are Liars,” I believed in his restatement that good marketers tell great (and believable) stories.

So when ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ became a thing, we were all too quick to jump to the bandwagon. We all turned our backs on parabens, SLS, and whatnot. Heck, even hair removal wax now has an organic variety!

But what would you do if I tell you that your expensive bottle of beauty oil–or facial oil–is actually making you look older, saggier, and wrinklier instead of its promised younger-looking fairer skin? Oh man, you better read along and think twice of putting that on before tonight’s bedtime.

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