S03E04 Meet my Teacher: New York-based Certified Aromatherapist Amy Anthony of NYC Aromatica


Amy found herself coming back to plants when she felt burnt out from being in the corporate world. In 2012, she decided to become a Certified Aromatherapist and eventually became an educator at New York Institute of Aromatic Studies (now called The School for Aromatic Studies). She’s also an herbalist and has been teaching about aromatherapy since 2015. Some of Amy’s classes that I truly enjoyed were her Herbalism Class and Connecting Essential Oils & Chakras Class. Today, Amy Anthony shares her passion in aromatherapy through NYC Aromatica–her own aromatherapy online portal where you can take a lot of FREE classes about aromatherapy.

Join us in this episode and get to know one of my favorite teachers in aromatherapy. Listen in up until the end to learn more about hydrosols, Raindrop Therapy, flower essences, and more.

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