Breakfast at Kitchen1B: A Wholesome Alternative

I love having a hearty breakfast. When I was still working in the corporate world, breakfast is something I take for granted. It seems impossible for me to grab a bite before heading to office. I mean, I’d rather spend the time sleeping than eating. LoL. I’m sure you guys feel the same.

So, anyway, now that I basically have all the time in the world to control–plus, thanks to technology, I can just multi-task anywhere–I really love it when I get to have a nice breakfast, especially if it’s something that’s truly good for the body like what my beau and I had at Kitchen 1B.

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Long-awaited ME-Time at Ecru Nail Spa

My hands have been full lately since I’ve enrolled in Certified Digital Marketing Acceleration Program last Sept 26 (I will share this with you next week). Since I just took my final exam yesterday and was able to get a pretty neat score–96% yay!–I took it as a celebratory point to drag myself to a nail salon and finally have my nails done.

Tucked between the intersecting streets along busy Banawe is a quaint nail salon that deserves your visit. I found Ecru Nail Spa while searching for nail salons near Banawe and luckily it did not disappoint.

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