Product Review: Laut Power Dash 4.8 USB Car Charger

When your powerbanks are just not enough to bring life to all the gadgets you carry in a day. You’d know how important crucial it is to have fast charging time in your car while on the way to wherever you are headed. That’s me everyday. Having to keep my phones and tablets up in every blogger event that I needed to cover.

High power multi-port USB Car Charger charges your favorite mobile devices simultaneously, including cell phones, tablets, MP3 players, digital cameras, PDAs and many others.

This Laut Power Dash 4.8 has 2 USB ports that can fast-charge any device with its 2.4A output on each port–which I appreciate very much since most dual car-chargers I’ve seen in has one 2.4A and another a 1.5A–or something like that. I’ve been looking for a car charger that can simultaneously fast-charge two devices in one go so this one’s really a keeper. Oh, and I also love the convenient blue LED indicator to signal active charge.

Laut Power Dash 4.8 USB Car Charger is available at any Beyond The Box outlet for Php1095.00. For the price, I think it’s reasonable and the make is really sturdy. Safety always comes first, dolls.

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