Product Review: Asus ZenPower 10,050mAh powerbank

Powerbanks have lifespan, too. Sadly for me, my powerbank has reached its untimely death that I needed to find a new one to keep my daily gadgets alive. Lucky for me, though, Lazada has put up the new Asus ZenPower on sale last June 29.

And guess what, after 30 minutes, the first 3 colors have been sold out already. Soon enough Silver sold out, too.

Asus ZenPower is famous for being credit card sized. So, like a curious cat, this I just had to compare. LoL. You can see it’s a little bit bigger than your credit card. But it’s 22mm thick and it weighs 215g.

I love the anodized aluminum body as it reminds me of my iPod mini from years back. But the downside is that it can get hairline scratches pretty easily. Especially, if like me, you just throw it in your purse full of whatnot.

What I love most about Asus ZenPower is that it has 2.4A output. I think it’s the fastest powerbank charger to date as most I’ve seen are only 2.1A. Charge time of this powerbank is also fast at 6 hrs.

It has tons of safety features like Auto Detect the Plug-in and Plug-out of Devices, Temperature Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Reset Protection, Input Over Voltage Protection, Output Over Voltage Protection, Input Reverse Direction Protection, Output Over Current Protection, Cell PTC Protection, Adapter Protection, Impact Resistance, and it has 6 International Safety Certifications.

This ZenPower is a lot smaller than my old Momax powerbank with a lot more power to give. For only Php795.00, I think it’s a good buy. So far, I’m really enjoying the faster charging time for my tablets and the unit looks really sturdy.

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2 thoughts on “Product Review: Asus ZenPower 10,050mAh powerbank

  1. Elle says:

    I’m eyeing on this powerbank since it’s small and I find it cute ’cause it’s a bit chunky. Haha. Thanks for pointing out that this is a fast charger, that is a big plus.

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