Find A Perfect Vitress Bottle For You

My hair has come a long way. I used to have frizzy, poufy, and unruly hair. My hair sure was every girl’s nightmare. Thanks to modern hair technology, I now maintain a hair that’s more manageable and pleasant looking.

But pretty hair don’t come easy–it needs love, care and attention. Thanks to Vitress’ wide range of hair polish, I give all of these to my mane in a matter of 5-10 minutes.

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QUICK BREAKFAST IDEA: Pandan Waffle with Cashew

I’ve been hoarding a lot of Eggo waffles from S&R lately. Aside from it’s currently on sale, Eggo waffles has been part of my childhood. I remember my mom used to prepare this to me and my sister’s when we spend our vacations in Subic (Eggo was only available in Subic duty frees then). So when I saw these in S&R, I got loads and gave away some to my sibs.

Anyway, here’s a quick recipe for you to enjoy these Eggo waffles up a notch.

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Product Review: Tony Moly Petit Cotton BB Cream Delight SPF36/PA++

Here’s yet another BB Cream review. From a girl who do not use anything on her face, I think I have come a long way since this has already been my 5th BB/CC Cream review.

I still keep my face bare in most days, usually because I’m too lazy for a full makeup and I don’t like the feeling of layering things. I try to keep things simple by sticking with my sunblock on normal days. But these Asian BB Creams are just perfect for days when I feel like looking more made up.

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