Mandaue Foam Mattress and Pillow Sale!

I swear, I am a sucker for sale events and whenever Mandaue Foam announces sale, I can assure you, it’s something you’d love to pay a visit. I always end up buying things that I don’t think of needing but since it’s in such a good deal, I would always rather purchase them.

So this is me looking so stumped on what to buy as there were a lot of discounted stuff…


Anyway, I got a foldable mattress to give our housekeeper as it has been so convenient for me to have her around taking care of all my babies while I’m at work.

I also grabbed some memory pillows for my sister since she’s moving to her new house soon and I heard she needed some pillows. These are on 25% off.

Visit Mandaue Foam today as stocks are going out fast!

Let me know what you think through the comment box below. Follow me on Twitter for more day to day updates.

3 thoughts on “Mandaue Foam Mattress and Pillow Sale!

  1. doseofrain says:

    sale season are great time to get huge discount on everything! from furniture and gadgets =) i heard about this brand and they’re well known brand for foams

  2. eddiellibungay says:

    I haven’t tried Mandaue! But will try once they are on sale! I think its very durable and the price are competitive to other brands! πŸ™‚

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