Product Review: Olay 2-In-1 Essential Oils Ribbons Avocado Oil + Soothing Cucumber Moisturizing Body Wash

I love long showers and hot baths. I consider being able to take a long warm bath with my favorite body wash as my daily indulgence. When I have the time to spare, I have a whole lot of post-shower regimen that I do–body oils, lotions, serums, etc. to keep my skin healthy and moisturized all over.

But let’s be honest, there are days that we all get so darn busy that even our regular shower time is compromised, right?

  • Combines one ribbon of advanced Olay moisturizers with one ribbon of cleansing body wash
  • Skin-nourishing formula provides long-lasting moisture
  • Soothing Cucumber Scent: Infused with avocado oil and the crisp scent of refreshing cucumbers

Olay 2-In-1 Essential Oils Ribbons Avocado Oil + Soothing Cucumber Moisturizing Body Wash cuts down your daily pampering time by infusing Olay moisturizers in the same body wash that you use during shower–which means, no need to do all the post-shower regimen that takes another 10-15 minutes of our time.

Seriously, this has replaced my previous favorite Olay Body Spa Exfoliating Ribbons–which has exfoliating beads that get stuck in my bath sponge–since picking it up from S&R.

What I love most about Olay Essential Oils Ribbons Soothing Cucumber Moisturizing Body Wash is its crisp and clean cucumber scent. The product smells more of cucumber than avocados and I’m such a sucker for cucumber infused things. I also love that while the product lathers up quite nicely, it rinses off fast as well. No glidey feeling after, just the right amount of moisture left on your skin. In fact, my skin feels velvety smooth after shower. ๐Ÿ™‚

Care to share your favorite body wash as of the moment? I’d love to hear about it! xx

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4 thoughts on “Product Review: Olay 2-In-1 Essential Oils Ribbons Avocado Oil + Soothing Cucumber Moisturizing Body Wash

  1. Pat says:

    My current body wash is Dove, and I’m trying out the different variants. So far the plain one is still my favorite. I like the idea of a cucumber scented body wash though!

  2. Pau says:

    Cream Factory is so far my favorite body wash! It is perfect for sensitive skin. I hope to try this new body wash from Olay. Thank you for this awesome review Miss Jirbie. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Abegaill Villacruz says:

    Another must try. ๐Ÿ™‚ I am a sucker for anything cucumber as well. I eat everything with cucumber, buy anything with cucumber ingredients or scent. What I’m loving and using right now is the Dove Gentle Exfoliating Body wash. It has the right amount beads that made it an effective scrub for me (not too harsh). I love it’s smell as well. And it’s affordable too!

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