Who’s ready to be BAGNETified?

I used to have an Ilocano colleague from P&G and he used to bring Ilocano food for lunch. Bagnet was one of the first Ilocano dishes I have tried and really loved. Like my love affair with Cebu lechon, Ilocos’ bagnet shares the same sweet spot in my heart (and tummy!).

So when my bf and I were driving through C. Raymundo, Bagnetified caught our attention. It was perfect since Chris has never tried Bagnet, which made me more excited to let him try one of my favorite Ilocano food. It was such a no-brainer for us to make a quick stop and try this newly opened establishment.

It was an off-time at around 5:30pm when we got there. The place was kind of empty, maybe because it just opened last August 1. Anyway, Chris and I took the couch seat nearest the entrance and ordered away.

Though I haven’t been eating rice for quite some time now, I can not imagine eating bagnet without rice. Here’s one order of their classic bagnet (Php319.00) plus rice (Php25.00).

Chris wanted to try their Bagnetified bihon (Php199.00) so we got one of those too. We were so excited from seeing the menu we wanted to order so much more and try this and that… Luckily we had enough EQ that time to control ourselves. Haha!

We loved both dishes and packed some for take away. I would love to come back here and try more of their dishes since the price is reasonable and their bagnet is really yummy.

This newly opened dining place in Pasig will surely be a hit. I love the well-spaced dining area and the chill ambiance. I heard that their first store is in Cavite. I hope they would open one in Quezon City and maybe expand in malls soon.

Anyhoo, here’s Bagnetified’s menu:

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6 thoughts on “Who’s ready to be BAGNETified?

  1. Aegeane Colmenar Brioso says:

    Yes! They have branch here at Imus, cavite and we have dined here last year. Their dishes are oh-so-yummy but I was kinda disappointed on their service crews. Mabagal yung pagseserve and we had that “lipas-gutom” feeling, The serving time takes 30 mins before we ate our dinner. But the yummyness of the dishes erase our “paghihintay” moment. Hehe. Their chili-garlic kangkong bagnet is a must try. ๐Ÿ™‚ And oh, their price is reasonable. nakakabusog talaga nd nakakasatisfy ng cravings, would definitely try their bagnet bhon, seems so yummy! yay! thanks for sharing this yummyness post! more food trips posts with your bf please! hehe. take care!

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