Dramatic Eyelash Extensions from Princess Hazel Salon & Spa

Obviously I was feeling much of a royalty–or a beauty queen–when I went for a second visit at Princess Hazel Salon & Spa. Honestly, I was so excited to have my first lash extensions.

If you haven’t already tried lash extensions, you should at least once in your life. Being born with sparse lashes, and that I’m too lazy to apply lash growers every night, having an eyelash extension is the best thing ever. Now I don’t have to put on falsies (I’m not too talented in applying that either…) just to have flirty fluttery eyes.

The treatment was a little over an hour since I was having the most dramatic lashes ever. For the natural-looking ones, the procedure time is much shorter since the lashes are applied individually.

Here’s my before and after photo:

Look at how gorgeous my lashes are! Now I normally go out sans makeup–just these lashes on–and I would normally get compliments for it. It’s all in the lashes, ladies. *wink*

Lucky for you, Princess Hazel Salon & Spa is on a promo this month. You can avail of the treatments below at Buy 1 Take 1 price!

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