Ody Coronel Salon Is All About Professional Pampering

I personally hate going to salons situated inside shopping centers. I really get turned off when I see a lot of people lined up just for a haircut–and the time I’d waste just to get mine. I guess it’s because: (1) I don’t like the wait and, (2) I’m not into crowded salons. This is why I like going to Ody Coronel’s Salon. I get the best service at the most comfortable place.

Ody Coronel Salon is conveniently located in Eastwood–it’s the building after Mercury Drug along E Rodriguez Jr. Ave. near the entrance towards Eastwood. It’s secluded and convenient at the same time.

I had myself some hair treatment since I only had my hair colored and straightened last month. It only took me 30-35minutes to finish shampooing, deep conditioning treatment, and my head & back massage.

The real star for today is my mom–I treated her for some hair pampering since I know she’ll be having a lot of social engagements this March.

My mom agreed to had her roots colored, get some highlights, and deep conditioning treatment.

My mom’s so groovy she wanted purple highlights but I told her to get light brown na lang since it’s more subtle as she’ll be attending my youngest sister’s graduation this month.

What I like about Ody Coronel Salon is that it’s spacious, professional-looking, and clean. The staff are professional and exudes a client-centric culture. Clients are offered with their famous, special-blend iced tea and offered with international Vogue and other international magazines. You know how much I appreciate salons and spas offering updated magazine subscription. πŸ˜‰Β  Also, I really appreciated Ody Coronoel Salon’s comfortable washroom as I’m very particular in establishments with clean and well-supplied (e.g. soap and tissue) wash room.

PS, Thank you, Ody, for having me and my mom have our wonderful hair pampering session.

Ody Coronel Salon
Magnitude Place bldg., E Rodriguez Jr. Ave.,
Libis, Quezon City

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