Who is Deniece Milinette Cornejo?

So this girl is the cause of all trouble. The girl who accused Vhong Navarro of rape but decides not to file charges against him–too fishy!

Who is she? Apparently, Deniece Milinette Cornejo aka Denise Cornejo is a local model and the granddaughter of GMA’s Atty. Gozonthe niece of Mel Tiangco (OMG!).

Gorgeous. And how about the guy who wrecked Vhong’s face? It’s a boring boy named Cedric Lee. Apparently he is Vina Morales’ Chinese businessman ex-husband boyfriend. Boring.

Cedric Lee and Deniece Cornejo

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104 thoughts on “Who is Deniece Milinette Cornejo?

  1. mj says:

    Cedric Lee is not Vina’s ex-husband… only the man she had an affair with and the father of her child…this Cedric Lee is a married man.

  2. ell123 says:

    So..(because I can’t really follow the news).. why is everyone so pissed with GMA? Is it because she has a connection to the network? Or was there a GMA report with a different story?

      • ANNUASIS says:


      • JC says:

        Nope, they are NOT biased. I just watched their report regarding the subject 2 days ago (Jan. 28 – 29, 2014), and clearly said the news as it is. They reported both parts in neutral and equal manner, not siding with anyone unless the obvious is blurted out. Thus consistent with their motto, “Walang kinikilangan, walang pinoprotektahan; serbisyong totoo lamang”.

  3. paco says:

    Boycott natin mossimo, jhongdizon, o kng san pa endorsement nya. Yan isang paraan para maturuan ng lesson yan malandi na yan! Para wla na kukuha sa impakta na ‘to!

  4. Olandesca Law Group says:

    We can feel the agony and sufferings of Vhong Navarro right now. He is very right. Justice must prevail and nobody is above the law. We would voluntarily wish to represent Vhong Navarro, FOR FREE, in his pursuit of this justice. If Vhong Navarro accepts our proposal just let us know. You may call us at Telephone Number (LOCAL): 224-2168 – If calling from your landline phone OR (02) 224-2168 – If calling from your cellphone, so that we can start the process of filing criminal cases for those who physically injured and tried to kill Vhong Navarro

  5. Olandesca Law Group says:

    We really felt the agony and sufferings of Mr Vhong Navarro in the hands of those who inflicted physical injuries against his person. Mr Navarro is very right. Justice must prevail, because nobody is above the law, and nobody is High and Mighty Except God, our Lord Jesus Christ.

    We want to voluntarily represent Mr. Vhong Navarro, FOR FREE, in the pursuit of obtaining the justice that he deserves and desires, so we can start and promptly file in courts of law such criminal cases and other actions against all those, including their accomplices and accessories, who physically injured and tried to kill Mr Vhong Navarro and eventially obtain the demanded justice thereof.

    If Mr Vhong Navarro would like to accept our proposal to represent him as his lawyers for FREE to prosecute the criminal actions against all concerned parties, he may call us at: 224-2168 (this is LOCAL call and when calling from landline telephone) OR (02) 224-2168 (if calling from cellphone). God bless Mr. Vhong Navarro.

  6. arra says:

    is she that girl? wala ngang maniniwalang rapist si vhong, baka ito pang babae na to ang may kakayahang mangrape ng lalaki, masyadong makati, pasensya ka girl kasi mali ang nabiktima mo para sa 1 million na hinihingi niyo, dont show people na ganun ka kadyosa para piliing maging makasalanan ni vhong, maybe your good in seducing kaya nabiktima mo si vhong at naiintindihan ko sitwasyon ni vhong kasi lalaki lang siya, may kahinaan pag dating sa tukso, palay na lumalapit sa manok tatanggihan pa ba? think people,sana lang mabigyan ng hustisya si vhong,

  7. chai1707 says:

    I want them burn on fire cedric lee and deniece cornejo to death literally!!!! After beating them like what they did to Vhong so they know how it feels like … Her angelic face is so deceiving.

      • Leaf says:

        yes,but i agree to disagree,
        everyone has opinions to express,and my say is
        …nakakainis talaga ang babae na to. sobrang sinungaling. sabi niya noong unang press wala daw siya pakialam sa ibang tao kung anong tingin sa kanya, hindi daw siya iiyak, hindi daw siya magaling umarte. well, part liar and part truth. Liar,kasi ngayon pa-iyak-iyak na. Di na raw nakakyanan mga pambabash sa kanya. truth to the truth , hindi siya kagalian umarte! sa pagsisinungaling, sa faced mask na pambato ng ilang make up at plastic surgery.
        basta! galit lang ako sa mga sinungaling! na kahit ,halata na, pinaninindigan pa rin ang kasinungalian! Lalo na yang cedric lee na yan (na bigla bigla, naging hero niya!). she has something wrong with her mind! she’s delusional na!
        she’s the one degrading herself, there’s no honor in what’s she’s doing. what’s wrong with your konsensya girl! if mayroon ka pa. please patingin ka sa isang psychologist! your so making up stories, and believing it to be true, you deny na what has really happened and just stick to the one you think is the way for you to escape. bec. these things are so overwhelming for you!maybe there’s other reasons(pressure) that makes you choose the wrong direction! Pero sa gingawa mong pagtago sa katutuhanan, hindi ka magiging malaya. maybe you dont have any conscience anymore, matigas ka na eh, you dont think right reasons. if you want your honor back, do the right thing! tell the truth please! (or maybe you have amnesia and had forgotten everything).
        wag na gawagawa ng kuwento. paano mo kaya maibabalik ang honor mo? paano mo kami mapaniniwala na your side is kapanipaniwala. sino ka ba? oo,hindi namin alam, pero nang makita ka namin and heard what you’ve said,we’ve seen something wrong. are you that really good Denise Cornejo? are you a righteous person? please convince us, bec. walang tumutugma sa mga sinasabi mo.
        you know kung manalo ka man sa kaso mo, walang justice! you accused the victim to be the suspect!? ano yun?, i-susugest ko lang ha, mas mukha pang rapist yung mga kasama mo sa elevator, na ubod pang kalalaki ng muscle at yung isa nakaharap pa sa iyo hah, pinalilibutan ka ng kalalakihan, wala kang decency.(kailangan bang magsiksikan lahat sa elevator?paano kung isa lang ang elevator? huh sa ganung ka-social na condo? eh di mag stairs na lang!) kaya , hay naku , eeeerrrrr sinungaling ka talaga!
        at sa mga barumbado na mga nambubugbog! alam niyo, KARMA lang talaga!

        at saka in the first place what harm does denise got in this whole issue? was she the one hurt and beaten to the pulp? she didnt even file a case after the incident! if she, she is the innocent,victim that she is, and has honor and dignity sa kanyang pagkababae, dapat pinursue nya ang case to protect that honor. if she just did that in the first place maybe i’ll believe what she have to say on her side. but no, she didn’t, and that’s a big blow bec, she accepts to have a treaty with money matters ( danyus nalang ba and katapat!)
        kitang kita na ang ebidensiya, magbubulagbulagan pa ba? kaya maraming nakakatakas na kriminal. kahit ung cases na grabe ang rape incident na minor at involve ung mga politician o may-kaya, na kahit maraming ebidensya ay not proven guilty pa rin!)
        i’m just so nagdududa if justice will prevail,
        if yung sinasabi mo na proven until guilty (ano yun innocente de te’!)…

        kasi if money matters,businessmen can turn the tide.
        Pretty and nice face is a dangerous temptress that can bend truth.
        (But truth will never be broken, Divine Justice is still there to punish them.)

  8. jojo says:

    i suspect that the condo unit is owned by cedric at ibinahay niya si deneice. at nalaman na naglandi si deneice ayon pinaratangan na si vhong ng rape do make herself clean.

    Demonyita talaga ang deneice na yan.

  9. Josh says:

    It’s true, both parties are innocent until proven guilty, but from the basic eye of the public, the facts presented by Cedric’s side is more like it was scripted, way too many inconsistencies and more questions arise as to his involvement to the alleged attempted rape incident.

    1. What’s he doing there in the first place? Vhong was invited, was he?
    2. According to his interview, he found the door open, why would someone who’s about to commit a crime leave the door open for him?
    3. Rape in a secured condominium, seriously?, It would have been realistic in any place but there? and for Vhong to go there just for that? I doubt Vhong would be that desperate.
    4. So one is not enough? you went ahead and brought your friends over to deal with one guy? and in such short notice too.
    5. So you admit to severely beating a guy because he tried to escape, Where do you think he’s about to escape to? you’re all inside a building, a simple call to the lobby would apprehend him right?
    6. You went ahead and filed a blotter against Vhong, why not press charges? I haven’t heard of a rape victim that will choose money over dignity, “napagusapan”? If it was really Deniece’ intentions to seek justice, then she should have gone ahead with the charges unless she knows its not really going to push through.

    Those are just a couple that one would ask regarding Cedrics statement regarding the incident, as for Vhong, I bet there are lots of people that would back him up on his story, not much questions left to ask as it was straight forward and detailed on his side.

    I have my own opinions on the matter, I’ve seen Vhong on TV for a long time and yes there are not much issues that go around involving him, I know him as a person that would rather avoid trouble than to seek it. Not a person that would aggravate someone let alone fellow colleagues in the media industry. I’m not worried that his career might end because a lot of people look up to him, a lot of people know him, and he can simply go back and be loved just as before. But as for Deniece whom little is known of, and Cedric who has a past criminal involvement similar to this one, idk.

    Get well soon Idol Vhong. Symph goes to you.

    • Leaf says:

      i agree to agree,
      so full of inconsistencies, yun na yun!

      pambihira pala, hindi lang pag-aackting bagsak si denise, sa pagiging script writer din!
      i have nothing against her, but i do now, her lies, and lies and lies and more lies!

  10. Ginna says:

    I believe that the truth will always come out. Let’s hope lang that it will happen very, very soon so the true victim will be given justice.

  11. john says:

    The lady was heard saying she will not file a case against the guy. So, what were the reasons like she was lying or for the sake of privacy due to her shady personality(if ever), or to protect the privacy of the very rich businessman related to her. Vhong’s side said they demanded money from him? Will a very rich businessman demand money from him?

  12. mary ledesma says:

    I just cant believe on the interview on cedric lee he said I called the police then waiting for his other friends to come back with the police? I thought they took him to the police station to do the blotter, why not calling the security in the lobby first? Did he really call the police first? then went to the police station? can somebody rewrite the script please!!!

  13. aireen shaira alilaya says:

    what a BITCH !!!! using her body to do such thing to vhong…. palitan mo yung director at script writer it turns out na mas magaling pang gumawa ang mga wattpad writers ng plot ng isang istorya!! ang hirap paniwalaan ng story niyo eh!!!

    • jovit says:

      ok just asking. ilan ba naging anak ni vhong sa ibat ibang babae? and having a girlfriend. why is he trying to cheat with another girl? kaya medyo duda ako sa “wala sa mukha ni vhong ang pagiging rapits” quote mo miss or mr AYS. hindi porke sikat at idol nyo si vhong eh innocent na sya agad ang taong manyak gagawin ang lahat magalaw ka lamang….at dihamak na mas mayaman ang humihingi ng pera sa kanya… sabihin na nga natin na bata ni cedric si dennice, if you are in his side na nakita mo rinerape yung gf mo, hindi mo ba bubugbugin din yung lalake? buti nga sya binugbog lang kung ako yun binuhusan ko pa ng kumukulong tubig yung ari nyan. wala ako pinapanigan pero masyado bias ang mga comments nyo… yes may inconsistencies pero pano kung that is what really happened.

      • jovit says:

        pahabol lang sa iba kong nabasa. kung scripted ang ginawa ng side ni cedric, everything should be perfect. lahat nang nangyari walang butas yan dahil planado eh. there are inconsistencies dahil yun lang ang naalala nila… yun lang ang natatandaan nila. nobody can remember step by step details dahil they are still in a state of shock. sabi ni vhong takot na takot sya at baka raw sya patayin. pero natatandaan nya lahat ng pangyayari? Talaga lang ha…so kaninong statement ang scripted at plinano ang sasabihin? cmon guys hindi natin alam kung ano talaga nangyari kaya bias lang dapat mga pre.

      • Yzabelle says:

        tama ka dyan, pangit pa na vhong na yan. saka maganda si girl. iwan ko kay cedric. Ay iwan babaero na vhong na yan karma.

      • Bottledup says:

        I agree! I don’t get why people always have to judge a person’s character based on looks. Like most serial killers are charming and smart right? And i get that vhong was brutally mauled or whatever but to be honest he did cheat on his girlfriend so he’s not totally a good person either.

      • rj says:

        Ang sabi niya po RAPIST hindi BABAERO. Magkaiba po yun.
        Edi ipaliwanag mo na rin ang inconsistency sa statement ni lee sa kuha ng cctv.
        Hindi naman lahat ng natrauma nakakalimot ng details, kaya nga minsan hanggang sa panaginip nagrereplay sa utak nila diba ? Sentido kumon

      • JOVS says:

        To mr RJ. yes minsan na papanaginipan yung nangyari, pero db mabilis lang at onti lang yung napapanaginipan… hindi naman yun tulad ng napapanood mo sa sine na buong pangyayari eh naalala, wala po tayo sa movies. pag nanaginip tayo part of the situation lang ang nakikita natin. tapos magigising agad pag nakita yung muka o part nang nangyari sa tao. na- trauma po ang tawag dun. sa panaginip, kapag may situation na in danger ang sarili natin automatic magigising agad tayo…..

        i remember one instance na naholdup ako may dalang baril din yung nangholdup sakin.. alam ko hinoholdup ako, alam ko tinutukan ako, alam ko naka tingin ako sa muka nya, pero nung inaalala ko yung nangyari nung kinagabihan hindi ko matandaan yung muka nung holdaper. bakit kaya?

        same as kay bong. nung tinutukan sya trauma agad yun. natatandaan nya yung cedric dahil kilala nya natatandaan nya yung dennice dahil kilala nya. pero i doubt kung mamumukaan nya yung ibang bumugbog sa kanya. nakita nya man yung muka pero hindi mag reregister sa utak nya yun.

        sori kung hindi ko nagamit common sense ko ha, kc nag base ako sa experience.

        BTW difference between rapist and babaero? big difference! pero based on the situation, nagstart sa nangbababae we call it “BABAERO”, lets start with flirting, ed makiki flirt naman si babae, next chansing, pag hindi umayaw si babae next is kissing then going to sex. “PERO” pag sa chansing palang and she said “no”, we call it “HARRASMENT”, if ayaw parin tumigil ni boy dahil LIBOG na nga eh, now we can consider it RAPE. with or without penetration.

      • JOVS says:

        To Neru lols… meron talaga taong makikitid ang utak. bakit ba merong Rapist? lahat naman nang rapist e babaero pero hindi lahat ng babaeor e rapist… kung sa lahat ng sinabi ko e yung difference lng ng rape at babaero ang napansin mo at nag comment ka lols pls lang paganahin ang utak. kaya nga nang rerape. nagiging rape na sya dahil ayaw pumayag ng babae.

        at hindi mo ba nabasa sabi ko “big difference” sorry po english pla nagamit ko eto tagalog na po ” magkaiba ang rape at babaero” nagiging rape lang sya sa pagbabago ng sitwasyon.

      • V Encarnacion Pantilano says:

        I agree. I heard so much about Vhong’s personal life. Dating classmate ng anak ko ang anak niya. Hindi siya santo. He is just being idolized too much na parang hindi na niya kayang maging makasalanan. Lahat ng tao me tinatagong baho!

      • Leaf says:

        So you’ve fallen for the pretty dangerous temptress!
        Even after what you have written (the first commentor) i just can’t convince myself to see the right through it.
        pinipilit ko hah to make sense out of it, pero wala eh.
        i just hate liars and sinungaling. (at bakit akala ko ba hindi magsisinungaling si Vhong?) i saw it thru cctv, and his statements talaga nacoincide. eh sa ibang kampo? hay naku, ewan. puro kasinungalingan. kasi nga hindi magaling yung script! ( Shock ! sina cedric at denise, sa face nilang yun! ipaliwanag mo pwede nang maliwanangan ako)
        KAYA WAG KANG MAG-REACT at sisihin kami na over acting and BIASED and one sided? PAAnong HIndi?
        the whole sense here, is the case of extortion and blockmailing! nakakatakot ito, dahil nag-eexist siya! at ngayon nakikita natin lumalabas sa pamamagitan ng case ni Vhong. kaya may pakialam kaming ipahayag ang nararamdaman namin, it be fear, galit, sense of justice.
        at talagang galit ako sa kampo ni denise, its a frame-up , bec. it makes sense, dahil sa sinabi mo na rin, na babaero si vhong at may potential siyang maging rapist (ito ang magiging hold nila against him na maisasangkot nila sa kasong rape) at dahil sikat nga siya may pera silang mahuhuthot sa kanya, at ngayon maglalabasn daw mga nabiktima ni Vhong, that another outlaid plan. so my hold sila against vhong kung sasabihin niya ang totoo.
        sabihin mo nga paniniwalaan ko ba ang taong may negative background at criminal case ng pambubogbog na gaya nito, hindi ka ba nanonood sa news?

        hindi namin sinasabi na righteous si vhong dahil may pagkukulang at kahinaan din siya at inamin naman niya yun.
        at si denise at cedric, may inamin ba silang pagkukulang o kamalian nila, sa ginawa nilang pambubugbog, ni hindi man lang nag-sori for physical damages at very questionable unlawful arrest kay vhong!

        at alam mo, akala ko ba wala kang pinapanigan!
        jina-justify mo lang ang acts nila denise at cedric which is very wrong naman din.

        porke ba’t panget na sikat at babaero pa, rapist na!

        May matututunan talaga dito, eh, karma na ito sa mga BABAERO na mahilig sa mga pretty faces which are pretty little liars pala.

        peo, kahit ayoko sa mga babaero, na panget pa at mukhang manyakis…
        mas ayoko talaga ang mga sinungaling,
        liars, the lies and the lies and the lies.

        they can bend the truth but they cannot broke it.

  14. Gin says:

    She’s pretty but not gorgeous. Fake mestiza. Most still photos of her esp. that one in black dress are photoshopped. Left side ng mukha nya laging hinaharap nya – iisang anggulo lang. Her nose is different compared dun sa video/interview nya sa tv. Bagay sa kanya kulay ng contact lenses nya. She’s so shallow – Not impressive.

  15. yaj says:

    stupid girl, gusto mong sumikat, mag sumikap ka, wag kang manggamit ng iba….. stupid vhong, for going there even though he has a girlfriend, cedric lee mukha pa lang, wala na akong tiwala..mukhang di gagawa ng mabuti…..i cant believed nagpabuntis si vina dun, tsk, tsk, tsk…….

  16. Erick says:

    Fuck You and Go To Hell Denise Cornejo ang landi mo girl sana nga ma rape ka in real life ng higit sa 20 tao at pahirapan ka magsalsal k na lng kasi Gold Digger ka pa kahiya hiya and clan of Denise Cornejo sayang kayo at lalo na si Cedrik Lee and family go to hell bitch family

      • Leaf says:

        oi vencarnacion, Pinoy ka rin !
        hindi ka rin umaasenso no? (baket?)
        at corrupt ka rin ba? (baket nga?)
        kasi nagcomment ka dinhe, eh, di nabasa , nakibalita, in short naki-tsismis ka na rin dito! sus , tsismoso/tsismosang palaka pa la ka ,eh.
        tulad mo ,at tulad ko, at tulad nila, at tulad nating lahat na mga Pinoy, ay MAHILIG tayo sa TSISMIS, aheemm, zipper line!

        (bottomline: wag mag generalise,)

        oo, tama na gawin ng NBI ang trabaho nila.

        but dont you see u cant stop pipol from expressing how they feel, free naman ito ah, at sabi ko nga may pakialam tayo.
        bagkus nga sa nakikita ko, Pinoys are socially active in reasoning and participating in discussing about this issue na hindi dahil involve ang artista lang,kundi dahil may pakialam talaga tayo, the sense of justice in our community.
        so just read on!

  17. Stingray says:

    nahuli ni cedrick lumalandi kay vhong, makati talaga yang denise na yan.
    gusto lahat ng lalake huthutan ng pera pangtustos sa sarili – gold digger…

  18. alma says:

    denise magsabi ka na ng totoo !!!!!!! ang ganda mo pa naman….you’re not a victim of attempted rape here..you’re a victim of Cedric’s jealousy..and now you have to make a false story just to protect Cedric’s evil plan to destroy Bong.

  19. Wayne Moises says:

    She is the niece of Mel Tiangco former contestant in Wowowee as well also an actress model and businesswoman and a kapamilya talent since 2011 ambition wants to become a chemist someday she is also a commercial model
    and endorser… Thanks for the information.From:Wayne

  20. Neru says:

    Wala tayong magagawa sa pagiging chick boy eh chick boy na nga siya mangrarape pa ab sia? Babae na nga lumalapit eh bakit mamimilit pa siya d ba ? Deniece cornejo? Kawawa ka lang girl kayo pa ni cedric lee matatapang jan. eh di nga tugma yung pinagsasbi nyo sa cctv accrding to tha nbi, na hindi nagccnungaling c vhong. Yan c cedric lee? Eh ang dame na palang records kaya malamang kshit anung oras o kelan kaya pumatay ng tao yan. Such a gggggrrrrr! Shut up!!

  21. Deejay Dantes says:

    I saw deniece’s interview walang ka buhay buhay parang puro papungay ng mata ang ginawa.eh di sisikat yan bano umarte…say ang cya only 22 nagpapmanipulate kay Akong santosi ang batang Ito ay sinira nya ang buhay nya ex Nya si Cedric eh me asawa yun low class ang babaeng Ito and I don’t even think she came from a well off family, Kase sa 1M lang talo talo na…Baka nakadroga tong mga to …kaya sa 1M pwede na madamidaming droga din yun.ayyy ..naku

  22. Izzy says:

    She wanted her 15 minutes of fame, now she’s going to have 15 years in jail!! People like her and Cedric feels like they are entitled and invincible. Well, you’re NOT. Both of you are ugly inside out! As for Deniece, you’re all photoshopped! I really pray that justice will prevail.

  23. marvel says:

    Mukha kang gold digger Denise….kahit ano pa and sasabihin mo walang maninawala sa iyo…..mukha mo malandi na……..pareho kayo ni Cedric Lee sa mukha mo pala makitkita wala nang tiwala and tao….

  24. Zen Tao says:

    While it’s true that one is innocent until proven guilty, there is also a saying, “evidence doesn’t lie”. In this case it is apparent that the evidence favors Vhong’s side. (even a grade 6 student can easily see that)

    Furthermore, it is part of our priviledge to impart to everyone our opinions, speculations and feelings. That’s freedom of speech and a lot of tyrannies and corruptions have been overthrown by concerned citizens empowered by their voices in the society.

    Best of luck to Vhong Navarro. May justice prevails.

  25. ImPinoy says:


    • Talulah says:

      I guess if deniece was not connected (a “friend”) to a dubious character like cedric lee, i would probably be leaning towards her side more. I understand vhong is not exactly an angel but based on the statements and cctv footage plus that cedric guy’s questionable character people would tend to favor vhong’s side. Deniece is a pretty girl and prior to this scandal a relative unknown which if the circumstances were different (let say she was raped by a famous celeb without a scumbag like cedric) would make her somewhat of an underdog and would probably get sympathy from the public.

  26. Vhoy avunda says:

    maybe denise is cedric’s girl, and she wants to play with vhong also. vhong falls into temptation, nagselos si cedrics, wapak!!!. one moral of the story is, pag si maria hawak na ni pedro, di na dapat pakialaman ni juan, khit pa si maria ang lumapit kay juan

  27. Boom Boom says:

    It’s cedric who planned everything…it’s even him and not denise who texted vhong to go back…jealousy strike!!!

  28. Leaf says:

    DEnis siyempre familya mo nalang magsusuport sa iyo, pati sila wag mong pagsinungalingan. please matakot ka sa karma, baka maibaling sa pamilya mo yun.
    if you want to bring honor back, tell the truth.
    ang daming sinungaling!
    dadagdag ka pa ba sa top list of female villains ng Pilipinas…
    1.Arroyo: “I’m sorry, noh” (a liar,but felt guilty, so later on tells the truth)
    2.Janeth napoles : ” i invoke my right to self incrimination” (hiding the truth by silence)
    3. Denise Cornejo: attempted rape, ay rape na lang (fabricating stories and telling lies, false accusations)

    but if you will do what you want, it is your prerogative. sana ay di pa huli ang lahat for the realization. Kasi naman kasi, denise, marami kang haters kasi gusto nila yung sabihin na ang buong katotohanan. please take time to do yoga, calm your senses, pero di naman ibig sabihin ay umalis ka at takasan ang gulo.
    Just think (Basher: “if you(denise) have some brain!baka kasi na-untog sa elevator”) and think and think about it.
    Dont hate your haters , reflect on what they, and we are saying! try to realize that we want you to tell the truth para managot na ang dapat managot ,ang kampo ni Cedric Lee.
    Panahon na para ang mga scumbags na yan , na yumayaman dahil sa mga kalokohan ay makulong habangbuhay.
    if you truly believe in justice, please think.
    Sige nga ,denise, i-de-dare kita. Mag-confess ka sa isang pare. Do a confession, at para kahit paano maamin mo kay God with your own words ang buong katotohanan,(kahit pa di na ito malalaman ng buong sambayanan.)
    You know ,He knows everything.

    Denise, sana ay mabasa mo ito, siguro naman pinagdadasal ka ng iyong pamilya, gawin mong maging epektibo iyon,sa pamamagitan ng paggawa ng tama.
    At kung sa tingin mo iyon ang tama, ay hindi ko maipapangakong bahala ka na.
    dahil may tingin ako, ibig sabihin pananaw, at sa tingin ko hindi yan tama.
    Ang grabeng pagsisinungaling ay hindi tama.
    Huwag mo nang pababain pa ang sarili mo!

    Please lang, wakasan na , wag mo nang patagalin pa ang istoryang masalimuot. Ibigay na ang hustisyang nararapat at parusa sa mga totoong kriminal.

    Don’t live a life of lies. Don’t pretend that whatever will be the outcome of this , everything will be okay! Even if you’ll win , you will never truly win. Living a life of lie ,is an everlasting prison (even afterlife,mas grabe pah). So , you will never be truly free.

    So think, and act before it is too late.

    From Leaf, the last leaf of your tree of conscience.

  29. Nonchandie says:

    hndi yan totoong maganda retoke lang yan!!! kaya nga nambibiktima para madagdagan pa ang retokadang ganda…gumagawa ng eksina para sumikat..haiistt hindi ka pa sumisikat pa laus kana…

  30. macs says:

    have you seen the new footage from the news ??
    denise & cedric is passionately kissing inside of the
    elevator … at the same night & date .
    how pathetic both of them , sa tingin nyo ba
    kung kayo yung nasa position ni denise
    na nagsabing ‘vhong is attempting to rape her’
    ehh magagawa mo pa kayang mkipag
    halikan ?

    at di ba sila marunong mag’isip na
    vhong has a girlfriend & also had a son so
    why is he going to commit a rape ??
    alam mo denise maganda ka sana pero ginagamit mo ito para
    mka panlinlang na kapwa at isa pa bakit wala manlang
    lumilitaw na magulang mo?? o kahit kumag’anak mo
    manlang ganyan kba kamahal ng magulang mo????

    to kuya vhong we are here for you hoping & praying for you..
    lalabas din nman ang totoo. we wont stop debating for your justice..

    and to the two of you .. ngaun kayo nman bukas at sa susunod kami nman..

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