BEWARE of Lousy Online Sellers

I have a good story to tell this morning.

Since Pepper is growing up and he’s been wandering off lately, we decided it’s time to get him a nice pet tag. Last week, I was checking out personalized pet tags online and found this seller over

I was excited since the tags on the ad looked so pretty and I thought it was perfect for my kitty. I paid that morning, December 6 (Friday), and told him I wanted my tag to be circular and in light blue (referring to the light blue tag I am seeing on the photo). I was expecting for the seller to accomplish my tag and probably send some photo over the weekend since he promised to send it by Monday.

Come December 9 (Monday) 7pm, he sent an email saying this:

Okay, since I don’t want to make a big fuzz about it, I vibered him about my order, asking for a commitment date of delivery. He then promised me that my order will be sent on Thursday, December 12.

Fast forward to yesterday, December 11 (Wednesday), I was asking him to give me updates about my order. Here’s how it went:

I was almost relieved to know that my order is coming. I was starting to feel weird about this seller. Then the conversation went on like this:

Que horror! I was surprised to see this cheap-looking tag versus the nice pet tags I was referring to when I made my order.

Naturally, I was disappointed and argued with the seller to send me something close to my expectations, at least. But here’s how he went:

SO UNBELIEVABLE. The nerve of this seller to tell me I’m rude and it was I who wasted his time.

UPDATE: And he’s not over it yet.

For more information, go to
Call/text Landline 02-949-5067, Globe 0915-714-4542, Smart 0918 655 3657

15 thoughts on “BEWARE of Lousy Online Sellers

  1. wendy rose santillan says:

    ganyan tlga miss.. we have to lessen our expectations kung bibili tayo online… im an online buyer and i’ve experienced mas worse pa dyan.. like bumili ako ng damit, ang sabi new pa..pero nkita ko, yung kili2 ng.yeyellow na.. hai nako.. haha basta may time ka miss, buy nlng sa mga petshop .. lesson learned πŸ™‚

  2. petlover says:

    naku, lesson learned na lang teh…hassle much and nakakastress yang ganyan. when buying anything online, always read the description/s nung item and verify if ung item + description eh match dun sa pictures. tricky kasi minsan eh, may mga disclaimers kuno kuno pa yang mga yan. aside sa description, check their feedbacks too and if trusted seller ba sila, etc. πŸ™‚

  3. Sheryl Legaspi Latag says:

    that was rude! grabe naman, as in di pa sya natapos! whew! online buyer di ako, so far di pa naman ngyari to skin, let it pass na lang mam, it’s his loss not yours, ingat na lang next time

  4. Charm says:

    Medyo labo din niya ah. Anong kahirap-hirap diyan sa pagphotoshop? Ang basic basic nung ginawa at pinakita sayo. :O Ni isang design wala tapos 300 pesos na?! Wala pang 5 mins and no effort at all! Sana manlang bago niya ginawa pinakita muna sayo yung layout. Pagbigyan, baka bago lang sa business at di pa hasa yung utak niya.

    And his etiquette, grabe. Sa mga askal nalang siya gumawa ng tag, bagay pa sa kanya! X(

  5. fati recede β˜€ (@_itsmefati) says:

    uh oh! what a rude seller.kahit ako magagalitpag ganyan yung tag. 😦 if you have time, maybe you can purchase pet materials at pet express. πŸ™‚ they have cute pet tags din and at least makikita mo sya bago mo bilhin kasi store πŸ˜€ that is where I buy stuff for my pepper πŸ™‚ & didnt he know that pepper’s a cat? haha haaay

  6. The Runner In Pink says:

    Grabe talaga sa sulit. Bihira dyan ang matinong sellers. I also had a bad experience months ago. Nag-meetup pa kami! I got fake items. Paulit ulit ko pang tinanong sa kanya if original (I don’t know at that time that there are also counterfeit makeup items for that brand). Nakakaloka! I’ve been an online seller back in 2005 in eBay, and once in a while I buy items from there too. I’m scared to buy at other sites like sulit, ayosdito, etc. Beware also with some of the group buying sites. Ebay has more reliable feedback system and easier to trace past transactions. What I observed at sulit, most of the pictures were just grabbed from the internet and not of the actual items/samples. Nakakagalit talaga. Digital na din pang-gagancho ano?

    Moving forward, I’m glad you already found a legit seller for Pepper’s tag. Might as well order for our pets. πŸ™‚

    • CouchWasabi says:

      Yes! Sulit is more scary. I like buying things from ebay, too. Kaya lang with the advent for counterfiet items, mahirap bumili online. I hate seeing fake items, especially makeup.
      Anyway, yes! Order from Bruce. I just posted an entry about his services. I was really happy with my purchase πŸ™‚

      • The Runner In Pink says:

        Yes, I really like eBay. Never had a bad experience there as a buyer (as a seller, I got joybidders too!). Siguro good thing I was a seller before so I know how to choose the legit ones.

        I’ll check Bruce’s page later. Our dogs don’t really need the tags as they always stay inside. Pero it’s kinda cute and nice present for them this Christmas. So excited. πŸ™‚

  7. Allan Bough says:

    OMG levels.. kaya skeptic ako bumili online e.. although may mababait at trusted na sellers din naman. And yes, that pet tag from the rude seller isnt worth the money πŸ˜›

  8. Kristine says:

    Grabe. How unprofessional. Even worse he can’t see the OBVIOUS difference in quality compared to his picture, really? Thanks for the warning!

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