Unboxing of Nude Audio S Wired Speaker

If you are still looking for a sensible gift for your boyfriend this Christmas, then you should check out Nude Audio Speaker.

I got mine last week and my old Genius portable speaker has been taking a back seat since my Nude Audio has been taking the center stage lately.

Nude Audio Speaker is so versatile that comes in three sizes S, M, and L. Plus, it comes in in wired/wireless bluetooth version. I prefer mine in Nude Audio S Wired as the smallest wired version.

Nude Audio S Wired boasts an 8-hour long power and with a built-in rechargeable battery. Function is pretty much standard with any other portable wired speakers out there that has a 3.5mm jack. What I like about my Nude Audio Speaker is that it’s so handy and it sits perfectly on the palm of my hands. I super love the rubberized feel, too!

Perfect for neat-freaks like me

Its 6-inch audio cable is snugly stored at the back of your Nude Audio Speaker, preventing from any potential clutter when you throw it in your bag.

See how my Nude Audio links to my old Genius portable speaker? Lovett.

The sound quality is great–for a Php1,290 portable speaker. It delivers good bass and crisp sound. I just wish it had volume control just like my old portable speaker… BUT if you’re planning to create a make-shift boombox and decide that one speaker is not enough, what’s awesome about Nude Audio is that can link two or more speakers to multiply sound–how ingenious is that?

I told you this would be a good Christmas gift. Get your own Nude Audio Speakers from any Banana Telecom, Beyond the Box, Digital Hub, Digital Walker, E-Central, Electro Computer Data System, Globotel, iGig, iStudio, Microstation, Powerhub, Viewers Telecom, and 8Telcom outlet.

Nude Audio Speaker is made available by Digits Trading.

2 thoughts on “Unboxing of Nude Audio S Wired Speaker

  1. BigMarie says:

    Even if it’s late for Christmas. Will still buy this for my boyfriend. Besides, Valentine’s is near naman. Hehehe. Will look for this in Digital Hub in my place. I hope it’s available here, though!

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