An Orangebox Full of Surprises

I got another awesome Orangebox yesterday! So excited everytime I get my dose of Orangebox. You know why? As compared to other beauty subscription services out there, Orangebox is the only beauty sampling service that is committed to bring you brands that are not yet in the local market.

It’s like going around the world to shop for cosmetics… ONLY, it’s the other way around: cosmetics all over the world arrive at your doorstep. How awesome is that?

Anyway, I can’t contain my excitement when I saw this new brand, Barbara Bort, in this month’s Orangebox. I’m so happy that Orangebox is expanding their choice of country and I’m more excited to know which brands are coming in under their wings soon.

I will be posting a more detailed review of my stash in a separate entry. In the meantime, check out their 60% off sale and drop by their website. I’m sure there’s something for you to try.

Happy humpday! Cheers!

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