Let’s all love frozen yogurt (thanks to Yohgurt Froz)!

OMG. I’m so obsessed with FroYos!! I’ve been craving for Yohgurt Froz since last Monday–YF, btw, is the single most accessible FroYo store I know.

Well, I just had my dose of Yohgurt Froz last weekend… and I always get the Classic Strawberry-Kiwi (the one you can see on the image above). 🙂 It’s so yummy!! You gotta try it! It beats my previous DQ addiction! Believe me, this is comparable to Pinkberry!! But of course, Pinkberry has more toppings than our thirdworld version… Either way, I just wish they’d decide to put up a store in Makati though… ‘coz Tomas Morato is just too far from work! But hey, their FroYos are hands-down-wow.

I’ve recently learned of another FroYo store that’s nearer  my workplace. Maybe God must heard my silent prayers of having a FroYo store in Makati… Introducing, *drumroll pls* Lulubelle! And guess where’s it located??? It’s in freaking Rockwell Mall! Yey!!! (I get so excited! hehe) 🙂 Hm… weird though, I was just in Rockwell last Friday… and yet I wasn’t able to see Lulubelle… hm..

Based on the pictures put up by DCF, I think Yohgurt Froz offers a better price since their fruit toppings are only for P10 per fruit while Lulubelle’s is P30 per fruit. Ouch. Anyway, it’s not worth ranting about the price if you haven’t tasted it right? 😉

Oh, and one last FroYo gushings, a friend is bringing in Red Mango in the Phils! OMG. I can’t wait for this to open their first store in the city… May the FroYo Wars begin! 😉

Check out Yohgurt Froz site, here.
Check out Lulubelle article by DCF, here.

8 thoughts on “Let’s all love frozen yogurt (thanks to Yohgurt Froz)!

  1. mikky says:

    been a fan of Yohgurt Froz for almost 2 years already… and it’s amazing how fast these other fro-yo shops has been sprouting… how true… the fro-yo war indeed has started… 🙂

  2. Addict by choice says:

    I haven’t tried any of the stores mentioned above :). I never thought there were that many FroYo stores now. Anyways, I love White Hat’s frozen yogurt. They have a small store in Mall of Asia. There are lots of toppings to choose from but I always go for the home-made cheesecake topping paired with fruits like blueberry, peach, strawberry and kiwi. yum yum ;p

  3. Addict by choice says:

    I live and work in Makati, are there any FroYo store within the area of Makati Business District? So I can sneak out of the office whenever I crave for it :p

    I keep hearing pink berry and red mango are good, I’ll try Red Mango someday, thanks for the tip!

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